Sahar Driver

Film + Strategy + Campaign Design + Social Change

Social movements need powerful stories. But if that is all it took to solve social problems, we wouldn’t have any. Strong and compelling stories that grapple with timely and important issues benefit from careful planning to ensure the message reaches the right audiences, in the right ways, at the right times.


I help filmmakers, funders, and movement leaders build strategic partnerships and plans that strengthen their respective projects and contribute to lasting change. Campaigns that I have contributed to, through my work at Active Voice and elsewhere, have gone on to influence public discourse and measurable change related to immigration, racial justice, aging and eldercare, health disparities, LGBT rights and inclusion, worker advocacy, and more.

Titles include: American Promise by Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster, American Revolutionary by Grace Lee, CARE by Deirdre Fishel and Tony Heriza, Facing Fear by Jason Cohen, Gideon's Army by Dawn Porter, The New Black by Yoruba Richen, Welcome to Shelbyville by Kim A. Snyder, and Who is Dayani Cristal? by Marc Silver. 

Partnerships have included: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Caring Across Generations, Church World Service, Facing History and Ourselves, PFLAG, Teaching Tolerance, Welcoming America, and the YMCA of the USA.

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I design and support strategic campaigns that amplify a film's power to support social change. I work across issues and specialize in helping to cultivate meaningful connections between filmmakers, funders, national networks, and local communities.

Social Issue Film Campaigns

Campaign Design and Direction - I will design a campaign strategy that leverages the key distribution milestones toward advancing the issues it addresses, by identifying strategic objectives, activities, target audiences and partnerships. I will also help oversee its careful implementation by your team.

Partner Cultivation - I will identify and engage national networks and institutions with the desire and capacity to partner with the campaign and help develop a plan to advance their objectives in aligned and mutually beneficial ways.

Early Strategy Consultations - I will work with you at the preliminary stages of your filmmaking, even pre-production, to help you think through your engagement objectives, the issues landscape your film will land in, and considerations for your story, potential audiences, and impact targets.

See Portfolio for examples of past work.

Grantees & Chapters - I will work with foundation grantees and network affiliates, chapters, and/or membership to identify and strengthen their short and long-term media strategies in ways that emphasize the use of story to advance their work and priorities.

Capacity Building

Strategy Development

Funding Strategy - I will support a film's funding strategy for the impact and engagement portion of a campaign. This might include research (see below), proposal writing, and funder engagement.

Landscape Research - I will conduct a preliminary analysis of the key stakeholders, opportunities, and challenges that relate to the issues raised in a film to help orient and support preliminary planning. This also might include communications research.

Audience Testing - Once we have identified campaign objectives and target audiences, I will help to test relevant material, as needed, to deepen understanding, fine-tune messaging and framing, and strengthen engagement. 

Stakeholder Meetings - I will both design and facilitate your stakeholder meeting, drawing on years of experience leading Active Voice’s signature braintrusts –a strategic planning process bringing together the ecosystem of players critical to a campaign's success– a process developed to help hone in on campaign activities, objectives, audiences and outcomes.

See Portfolio for examples of past work.

Supporting Resources 

Discussion Materials - I will produce supporting materials to support productive conversations and action with respect to the issues a film addresses. See Portfolio for examples.

Video modules  - I will help to produce supplemental video content when a particular viewpoint or angle is necessary to successfully advance a campaign's social change goals. See Awards and Credits page for more details.

Workshops and Trainings 

I lead trainings and customized coaching for funders, filmmakers, educators, nonprofits, and the public sector around a variety of media and story related themes, including:

  • Film & Strategy for Impact: capacity building around leveraging the power of film to build story into institutional planning and advance social change objectives. 
  • Critical Media Literacy:
    • Representations of Islam & Middle East
    • Representations of Gender
    • Race and Representation

See Portfolio for examples of past work.


San Francisco Foundation presentation and workshop

San Francisco Foundation presentation and workshop